Company Philosophy


Innovation Bookings Services business operation is revolved around the hospitality industry.

In doing business, we are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customer and try to comply with the operative legislation and regulation, applicable with awareness of the environment impact which our business creates.

Our business philosophy emphasis on effective customer satisfaction, product development, continued improvement as well as growth and increasing value to the shareholders. These can be achieved by providing a structure and systematic approach to quality. This requires us to set up the objectives, documented and reviewed performance of the business to the compliance, efficiency and effectiveness. By continuous monitoring an implementation and maintenance of the business will ensure that quality management and business excellence will cross over throughout the organization.

We are obligated to provide to the progress, improvement and value to both the Company and our employees through training in order to improve knowledge, skills and competency to enhance performance and career.

We are dedicated to providing exemplary ethical and professional consulting and management at all times and under any given circumstances.

We work directly with entrepreneurs to insure a smooth-running operation and to optimize their profitability and cash flow.


The business of Innovation Bookings Services has been conducted to the highest standards of ethics and integrity since beginning and shall continue in doing so. Our activities shall be guided by these standards i.e.

  • Maintaining a full and accurate company records to report our activities. All the Company assets will be used solely for the benefit of the Company.
  • We will deal with our rivals in extreme competition but will not engage in any unfair / illegal practice.
  • We will educate our employees regarding our ethics policies and will require their compliance.
  • We will deal our employees with respect, courtesy and fairness to ensure the working environment is harassment / discrimination free. Opportunities are provided solely on performance.
  • We will deal with our clients and suppliers based on values and fairness relationships. We will work diligently to earn our customer’s business and expect the same treatment from our suppliers.


  • Our employees are our priority. We are committed to the development of our employees to ensure their career success, bringing about immediate and long term benefits to the organization and other shareholders and ensure the Company’s sustainable future.
  • We will treat our employees with fairness, respect and dignity.
  • We will make an effort to attract, develop and retained qualified, creative and innovative employees by:
  • Ensure our employees have a clear understanding of our values, vision and mission.
  • Providing a safe and attractive workplace through our values, social responsibility, ethical business practices and business success.
  • Ensure our employees are challenged by realistic goals and empowering them to make necessary decisions.
  • Ensuring that our employees have a clear understanding of our shareholder’s wishes, needs and expectations.
  • Try to offer our employees with fair remuneration, attractive employment terms and safe working conditions.
  • Supporting our employee’s needs and expectations in developing and enhancing their skills, knowledge, qualifications and careers.


For Our Customers

We are committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs & expectations

For Our Staff

We will provide opportunities for career advancement and personal development towards achieving our company’s objectives within a harmonious working environment

For Our Nation

We are committed to operate with integrity in all our service and play a positive role in national development.


To actively participate and contribute in nations’ hospitality development as a coherent, credible and choice business entity. To envision ourselves to be among the premier local industry leader but with a niche sense of identity and to b fondly recognized as a provider of excellent products and services.


To constantly work and perform towards excellence in all aspects of resource management.

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