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“ Our Team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, each of them experience in the hotel and tourism industry, hence in the field of operations particularly in rooms management, food and beverages, sales & marketing, cost management and finance, human capital management as well as government liaison”.

Our Services

Key Services

  1. Hotel Management
  2. Build distribution new channels via sales and marketing
  3. Drive brand awareness and loyalty
  4. Foster positive image and increase product knowledge of target audience In addition to this we provide:-
  5. Web feature in Innovation Bookings Services homepage
  6. Access to our extensive database of key contacts (Leisure, Corporate, Government & MICE)

Other Services

  1. Innovation Bookings Services provides tailor-made services, focusing on individual Hotel’s requirement of what needs to be achieved in the market as well as establishing your company brand name in the tourism market with a reputable status.
  2. You will receive regular monthly report detailing business opportunities and progress report; Sales meetings with Tour Operators information on when your hotel will be featured. It is of utmost importance that the communication between the hotel and Uptrend International is transparent and concise.
  3. We can arrange appointments for trade fair and for your sales trips. We can also pre-arrange meetings and

accompany your sales personnel on this trip.

  1. We offer professional and regular trainings to the Tour Operators, reservation staff, to update them on your Hotel’s products and promotions. It is also an excellent way to enhance reservations.

Value Added Services


  • Dedicated staff member
  • Design of marketing materials
  • Regular information by mail shots to travel agencies
  • Press release / press conferences / press trips
  • Familiarization trips
  • Co-ordination of food festivals
  • Organization of sales blitzes
  • Participation in trade shows ( local & overseas)
  • Event advisor and co-ordinator

We are more than delighted to discuss in detail how Innovation Bookings Services can benefit your business. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and will provide you with the results.

  • The advantages of appointing us are aplenty. Among them is having a first – hand experience in hotel operations and establishing larger presence through a dedicated team of professionals. You now have an extended sales, marketing and reservation team in Selangor to cover the market more effectively. We are also here to solve your problems instantly and perhaps more importantly, cultivate a sense of familiarity for your guest.

International Activities

International & Sales Operations

Innovation Bookings Services is a hotel operations and sales & marketing company ideal for individual, group and independent hotels.

Our marketing activities are sub-divided into the                           

Following departments:                                                                            

  • Innovation Bookings Services represent leisure hotels in Malaysia.
  • Innovation Bookings Services Conferences act as external sales offices for medium-sized hotels.
  • The core competency is in acting as an agent for the organization of conference / convention rooms for corporations.
  • Innovation Bookings Services Communications is also a sales & Marketing consultant.


How do we promote your hotel?

Our absolute aim is to concentrate on increasing the Awareness of your Hotel in Malaysia and internationally

among the leisure travellers and the tourism industry through:

  • Constant contracting with new Tour Operators
  • Continuous maintenance of existing contact and contracts
  • Site inspection and familiarization-trips
  • Special promotions with media, credit card companies, Online Travel Agencies (E-Biz), airlines, etc.
  • Participating in all important trade fairs in Malaysia & Overseas
  • Participate in workshops with representatives from your hotel
  • Constant updating of the Tour Operators about specials offers and news
  • We are niche market specialist for special interest groups, charter flights, haj and umrah for muslim travellers, etc.
  • We have MICE expertise with he solid networking with government agencies, corporate, GLC’s clubs, associations and training to the reservation team of the Tour Operators.

We negotiate rates and allotment contracts on your behalf, co-ordinate and control publication and production of brochure; control the booking position, etc.

Our activities include regular personal sales meeting and telephone calls in order to follow up future business opportunities and keep a steady and constant contact with the Tour Operators,

Innovation Bookings Services Management has personal and direct contacts with tourism journalist, who support our activities.

Target groups

Our contacts are within the following target groups:

  • Tour Operators
  • Online Travel Agencies for E-Biz
  • Government agencies and ministries
  • Corporate
  • Incentive Organizers
  • Airlines
  • Tourist Offices & Travel Agencies

Geographical Markets

We are actively present in the following market:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

Tourism Trade Shows

Tourism Trade Shows are a great tool to maintain already existing contacts in the travel Industry and more importantly to acquire new business partners.

Road Map

Activity Plan

For each year we establish a Marketing & Activity Plan, in which all our upcoming activities for your Hotel are detailed. Review and revision will be done according to the development of the market to reflect prevailing market situation. Sales & Marketing Activity Plan and Strategies will be submitted to your Hotel for comment and approval before implementation.

Any supplementary activities (such as mailings, presentations, cocktails, etc.) which induce additional costs or expenses will be submitted to the Hotel Owner / BOD beforehand for approval. It is understood that these expenses are charged at cost.


A detailed monthly report will be sent to our partner hotels, reviewing the activities to be carried out for the hotel and including a list of all contact persons.


Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies

 Stay ahead of your competition by capturing new market share with an aggressive and effective Direct Online Distribution Strategy and Search Engine Optimized Marketing strategies. The most important tool you can have to be successful is your hotel’s own website with an online booking engine and e-commerce payment gateway. We will assists in the development of a new or remodelling existing sites for improved performance.

Contract & Marketing Representation

Innovation Bookings Services Management Agreement covers all operating standards and financial performance for new or existing properties. Clients can continue to use their own brand or a newly conceptualized branding. Our services include:

1) Develop a competitive Hotel Business

Plan including a complete financial overview of performance, review of standards, staffing requirements and all other elements of day-to-day operations

02) Accurate and sustainable market positioning and marketing strategies.

3) Create cost savings measure across every possible assets i.e. review of purchasing agreements, energy and preventative maintenance programs, rentable space etc.

4) Practise yield and revenue management on hotel inventories.

5) Reports on progress and areas in need of attention.

6) Advice of branding & placement of hotel in the industry.

7) Provide ongoing employee training / education and incentive programs to maximize productivity and maintaining guest services and revenue benchmarks.

8) We can help identify requirements and develop plans for refurbishments, building works and re-development.

What is Included

  1. All communication cost (i.e. telephone and fax, non-dedicated)
  2. A monthly report detailing sales activities under taken and market intelligence.
  3. All services detailed in the proposal including office facilities, equipment’s and manpower.
  4. Active Marketing & Sales Representation in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and worldwide through our tourism networking channels.
  5. Establishing a yearly Marketing & Activity Plan.
  6. Visit of trade shows.
  7. Fixing appointments with Tour Operators during the above mentioned trade shows.
  8. Arranging meetings with Tour Operators for sales trips in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and accompany you partly on your visits.
  9. Reservation System for Tour Operators.
  10. Administrative Cost (Phone/fax/postage)
  11. Office infrastructure.

Any additional cost or expenses will be submitted beforehand to the Owner or General Manager for approval

What is Not Included?

  • A dedicated sales associate.
  • Travel and entertainment expenses.
  • Promotional spending not detailed in your proposal/agreement.
  • Travel expenses with lodging and board on general sales trips in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or other parts of the world.

Thank you for your kind interest in this submission.



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